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Paddington Markets Sydney

Recommended by Bernard’s Aussie colleague, before going to Bondi, we stopped by Paddington Markets which is a community based market with stalls that sell clothing, accessories, soaps, candles, bamboo phone cases, crafts, food and many more. These Australian designed and crafted products are exclusive only to Paddington Markets. The International food court particularly caught our attention as the menus were really unique and the food looked super delicious too.

Australian-made soap bars, baby shoes, phone cases, jewelry, earrings, accessories
Intricate bonsai

International food court with open air seating

Time to eat! I just cannot resist roasted capsicum, onions, salad, cheese, juicy sausage and a good relish combo. Loved everything about the filling but not the chunky bun.
The first stall Jackaroos: Hot dog- everything (onions, vegies, roasted bell peppers, cheese, mustard relish)

And an Asian dish – The Banh Xeo was really tasty. The pancake is full of flavors with the right amount of turmeric taste, goes perfectly with the tender well-seasoned pork belly, salad and dipping sauce (chilli and fish sauce).
Bernard picked his favorite meat – braised pork belly of course.
Banh Xeo – Vietnamese sizzling savoury pancake, made from scratch with rice flour, coconut milk, tumeric, mung beans served with bean sprouts, fresh herbs, salad, house pickles + dipping sauce.
Banh Xeo Bar’s Vietnamese sizzling pancake preparation
Different Arepa of corn, beetroot, carrot or kale flavours make them so colorful. The arepas come with your choice of shredded chicken/ beef, pulled pork, black beans, feta, plantains (cooking banana) and salad.
La Reina Venezuelan Arepas which is made of ground maize dough
Arepas and Bowl
BAKED: Baked Potato with Bacon, baked beans, mushroom or veggies and kofta
Xesus Cold pressed fresh juice

Empanadas is a type of Spanish pastry turnover, either fried or baked filled with a variety of ingredients such as mince beef/ lamb, red pepper, Kalamata olives, onion, garlic, raisin, spices, sweet pumpkin, spinach, cheese, carrot…
Abuelo Argentinian Empanadas which look like currypuff, Yerba mate iced tea
Soda Bread – baking soda is used to make the bread instead of yeast
From the oven
Chinese, Asian food
Paddington Markets Sydney
Website: http://www.paddingtonmarkets.com.au
Add: 395 Oxford St, Paddington. Sydney
Tel: 02 9331 2923  
Fax: 02 9331 4864
Email: office@paddingtonmarkets.com.au

Market Trading Hours: Saturday 10:00am to 4:00pm

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