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Covid-19 Treatment Quarantine Centres and Hotels (PKRC)

List of PKRC (Pusat Kuarantin Rawatan Covid-19) – Covid-19 Treatment Quarantine Centre

  • PKRCs ZAHRAN @ RoyaleChulanKL | +6010 260 0481/ +6016 260 0869/ +6016 260 0187 | Klinik Zahran Website
  • The Club Saujana Subang | +603 7801 8888 
  • PKRCsZAHRAN@NilaiN9 | +6016 260 0454/ +6016 260 0869/ +6016 260 0187 | Klinik Zahran Website
  • PKRCS DB Kompleks & Millesime Hotel | +6017 509 8866/ +6017 707 6075
  • Royale Chulan Damansara | +603 7801 8888 | fb.com/the royale chulan damansara
  • MAEPS | 03-8938 1030 | 03-8938 1072 | 017- 488 4561 – more info below

MAEPS PKRC telahpun ditutup pada 8 Feb 2022. Pusat kuarantin ini dibuka semula pada 24 Feb dan sekarang dikenali sebagain PKRC ZWT (Zon Wilayah Tengah) untuk mengurangkan beban hospital di sekitar Lembah Klang merawat pesakit COVID-19 berisiko rendah iaitu Kategori 1 (tidak bergejala), 2A dan 2B.

kontak-rapat-mysejahtera-positif-covid-kategori 2a 2b

Perbezaan gejala Covid Kategory 2A dan 2B

MAEPS (Malaysia Agro Exposition Park) Serdang Quarantine Centre

MAEPS was activated for the first time as a PKRC (Pusat Kuarantin Rawatan Covid-19) for Categories one (without symptoms) & two (mild symptoms) patients and upgraded to the MAEPS Integrated PKRC 2.0 on Jan 24, 2021 to receive categories three (moderate) and four (severe) patients as well following a drastic hike in cases. 

The situation was increasingly challenging with the rise in admission of Category 3 patients in May 2021, freezing wards, long queues/ waiting time, blasting speakers and less-than-desirable conditions due to overcapacity. The cyber space was flooded with terrifying comments about how bad the conditions in MAEPS Quarantine Centre were, and after some digging around, I discovered there were numerous good remarks too. 

It is every patient’s responsibility to take care of the shared space and facilities. Provided that the person in isolation realize this is not a hotel staycation, be prepared, clean up one’s own mess, it can be a tolerable quarantine experience. 

Facilities/ Amenities: Lounge area for patients with tables, chairs and TV. Computer area. Movie hall. ONE washing machine for sharing with racks. Water dispenser (hot and cold). Coffee machine. Vending machine: snacks, cup noodles, sanitary pads, shampoo etc. Centralized charging station.

Hats off to the frontliners for their continued effort and endurance caring for the patients, the administration and upkeep of the centre. However turning a carpark floor with awful ventilation into a quarantine ward is highly unreasonable. It was a desperate time’s call, let’s not let it happen again.

Though the number of cases went down significantly, some 36 to 40 PKRC nationwide will remain operational now because there is still a need to treat Covid-19 patients, with the emergence of Omicron and other variants. (Source: Nadma wants PKRC operating Dec 2021). MAEPS is now a Hospital Bersepadu MAEPS which functions like other Covid-19 hospitals.

If the conditions at home are satisfactory for isolation, Category 1 and 2 Covid-19 patients who show no and mild symptoms can now quarantine at home, and will be monitored strictly. Alas, some families do not have the luxury of doing so, hence PKRCs are still very much needed.

Things to Bring

Clothes, sweater, extra blankets (it can be very cold at night), towel, toiletries, small bag, slippers, socks, masks, hand sanitizer, snack & beverages (example 3 in 1 coffee), medicine, lip balm, sejadah (prayer mat), hangers and detergent if you want to do laundry (washing machine and some racks are provided, first come first serve). For entertainment: books, tablet, laptop, phone, power bank, charger, etc.

It’s advisable to bring plastic utensils, as metal and glassware may be confiscated.

Not Allowed

Cigarettes, alcohol, fire weapon, pet, cooking utensils, metal objects, poisons, sharp objects, glassware, power extension, playing cards (daun terup). 

*Confiscated items will not be returned.

Source: covid-19.moh.gov.my (Things to Bring)

maeps quarantine centre

Food served at MAEPS Quarantine Centre, not fantastic but acceptable

cuckoo water star coffee atm

Fresh coffee machine, hot/cold water dispensers are some of the amenities at the centre

toilet and computer area maeps quarantine

Bathroom/ toilet and computer area at Low Risk Women’s Ward (May 2021)

maeps quarantine beds

Many beds in the hall



Aug 2021: I wait from 12.30pm till almost 7pm at this is quarantine centre and they divide tenant by stage. Stage 1 (white camp) stage 2-5 all in building. But beware its very cold here. If u do admit here, please prepare sweater or warm long sleeve shirt and prepare ur own medicine because they take too long to admit the patient, if you need it.

June 2021: I was there because my son was diagnosed +ve Covid-19. I was given an option to self quarantine but my son is only 5. It was a disaster for him to stay in the same room for 4 days. He doesn’t comprehend why he can’t go out of his room. There are 7 other people in my house, so we decided to check in Maeps although I was aware of the hassle that I have to go through.

The front liners did the best as they could to cater hundreds, sometimes thousands admission in a day. I can see some of the doctors’ eye were really tired. Pity them.

Hahha.. I did feel like a zombie as there is a big sliding door separated us and the front liners. They only open a very narrow space, just as tiny as the A4 sized paper to pass our documents and linens for bedding. That’s when I realized Covid-19 is deadly and why my husband was nagging at me for not wearing my mask.

The frontliners always monitor my son’s oxygen, heart beat and temperature. He can play and mingle freely as the hall is spacious, with face mask on 24 hours. My son can run to the hall, to the toilet and also whenever the intercom announced something, especially when the doctor wants to see us. It happened every hour sometimes until 3 a.m. 

The food is good. The bed is double decker and it was fun as my son kept climbing up and down the bed. Linens are provided and they are clean.

The toilets need to be upgraded and cleaned. I really couldn’t stand the condition of the toilet. The maintenance need to scrub and wash the toilet properly. 

Washing machine is there to use. It’s functional and please bring detergent. The rack to hang clothes are there but the open space is limited. Please bring your hangers. The aircond is SUPER COLD.

I still got -ve after being exposed to the +ve Covid-19 victims but I avoid f2f contact with them. I wore the mask 24 hours. I am glad tht my son is OK now. 

Apri 2021: Terrible living conditions. No shower area. My steel items like Coffee filter, iron box and water flask were taken when I reached there and were not returned to me. Staff is friendly but no accountability. Tip: For people who can afford, go to safeq.com.my and get yourself a private quarantine hotel in the city.

May 2021: There are 4 quarantine halls: 1. High risk hall 2. Low risk men’s hall 3. Low risk women’s hall (D1) 4. Foreigner’s hall. I arrived on 10pm and only completed my check-in on 3am. It is understandable as there aren’t many staffs that aid with the check-in. You can find a few vending machines in the hall, one is selling snacks and necessities, and others are selling beverages. You may pay with your e-wallet, you won’t really be needing cash money in the quarantine center as pretty much everything is provided. The beverages are not too great, I’d advise to bring your own 3-in-1 powders.
There are about 20 bathrooms in each Wad, most are shower + toilet bowl attached. Most of us can’t smell anything as we’ve lost sense of smell lol. There’s NO hot shower, water is cold, so the queue to shower during the afternoon could be super long. There’s also a washing machine and a few racks for you to hang your washed clothes, first come first serve!
The hygiene of the facilities can be quite bad but it is our responsibility to keep them clean. Although we have cleaners that clean them once every few days. The food are okay, not great but edible. It’s free of charge.

Facilities: Lounge area for patients with tables, chairs and TV. An area with some computers for people to use. Movie hall. ONE washing machine for sharing with racks. Water dispenser (hot and cold). Vending machine. You may find: snacks, maggIe cup, sanitary pads, shampoo etc. Charging dock: the dorms have a few centralised charging docks. I’d just leave my phone to be charged here and there’s no report of theft so far.

Pusat Kuarantin dan Rawatan Covid-19 MAEPS Serdang

Quarantine and Treatment Centre | Hospital MAEPS 

maeps serdang quarantine

Add: MAEPS Secretariat Building, Mardi, 43400 Serdang, Selangor

Hotline: 03-8938 1030 | 03-8938 1072 | 017- 488 4561 (MKN Facebook)
Hours: Mon-Sun (9am – 5pm)


  • cuckoo.com.my – CUCKOO has helped equipped the gigantic temporary makeshift hospital for COVID-19 patients at MAEPS Serdang with Water Purifiers and Air Purifiers worth over RM170,000
  • insideretail.asia – Malaysian startup Coffee Star has provided self-service dispensing machines – Coffee ATMs, to MAEPS and Sungai Buloh Hospital providing fresh coffee to frontliners for free, and for low-risk covid patients who wish to buy the freshly brewed beverages.
  • channelnewsasia.com
  • nst.com.my
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