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List of Orthopaedic Specialist Doctors in Malaysia

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Get more details about recommended Orthopaedic Specialist and Questions

You can search the name of the registered Orthopaedic specialist in the NSR (THE NATIONAL SPECIALIST REGISTER OF THE MALAYSIAN MEDICAL COUNCIL) database here: nsr.org.my. Some of the most popular and best hospitals for Orthopaedics treatment and surgery in Malaysia are Gleneagles Penang, Sunway Medical Centre, Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Prince Court Medical Centre and Gleneagles KL.

Dr Chan Kok Yu 

Website | +604-222 9152 | drpaulkychan@gmail.com

Hours: Mon – Fri : 9:30am to 4:30pm | Sat : 9: 30am to 12:30pm 

Gleneagles Penang Hospital (Clinic 113) | Registered NSR member 

orthopaedic doctor specialist Malaysia

With a specialist degree in Orthopaedic Surgery from the University of Malaya, Dr. Chan also underwent various advanced technique trainings related to joint, knee, hip, shoulder & sports surgery in Singapore, USA and UK. He is experienced in providing reliable diagnosis and the fitting treatment, Arthroscopy or surgery to achieve long term survival. 


“I stay in Penang and for my case is ACL completely torn, with slight meniscus tear as well. I consulted two doctor, first doctor’s diagnostic is that I need to first go for ACL repair, rest half a year then go back second time surgery for meniscus tear. This is not possible for me because I cannot be away from work so long. So I went for second opinion, Gleneagles, Dr. Chan Kok Yu. He’s very knowledgeable and able to answer all my questions and doubts before and also after the surgery.”

Dr Low Eu Huat 

Tung Shin Hospital, Pudu, KL (1-3, 1ST FLOOR) | +603-2037 2245 | NSR Registered

dr low tung shin ortho

Dr. Low got his Specialist Degree in ORTHOPAEDIC SURGERY from Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, United Kingdom. He is a caring doctor who is extremely busy, with long wait time to see him.

Review: Reasonable price, he is famous, be prepared to wait for 2 hours. Try to get the better private room in Tung Shin cos the wards are abit rundown.

Review: Operated twice on meniscus. Works and able to be back on aggressive sports as badminton.

Dr. Khoo Shaw Woei

Columbia Asia Hospital Puchong, Selangor

dr khoo columbia asia puchong

Dr Khoo specializes in the field of trauma & sports surgery with experience in Total Hip Replacement, Acetabular Fixation, Knee Replacement Surgery, Cementless Total Hip Replacement (THR) Surgery, ACL Reconstruction, among others.

Review: I went with Dr. Khoo at Columbia Asia Hospital in Puchong, by recommendation. Mine was meniscus tear, and was in hospital for 3 days. Bill was around 20k, by company insurance.

Review: Completed my 4D3N stay here at @columbiaasia Puchong (May 2021). Much thanks to Orthopedic Surgeon Dr Khoo Shaw Woei (knee scope surgery), Anesthesiologist Dr Ramanesh, ER Dr Ooi who set the IV drip, Physiotherapist Ms Khong and the many nurses (Nur Fakhirah, Farah, Thazneem and the rest. I’m really glad I decided to go with this hospital when I was deciding among a few hospitals. I’m definitely happy with the services here including catering and housekeeping.

Dr. T. Moses Orthopaedic Specialist Clinic (Dr Thaveethu Moses)

Website | 03-5612 9829 | SS 15 Subang Jaya, Selangor

dr t moses

Dr. T. Moses is a General Orthopaedics specialist as well as a visiting Orthopaedic and Trauma Consultant at Assunta Hospital and Beacon Hospital in PJ, with Interest in Diabetic foot infections amd Inflamatory Arthritis and Passion in Limb Trauma.


  • I came here to seek second medical opinion from Dr Moses, as one of specialists asked me to go for an operation for my meniscus injury. Dr gave his honest opinion about my situation after examination, and I am happy that I didn’t have to go through surgery for my situation. Dr also monitored my condition well for my every follow up visit with him. Staffs are friendly and polite too, highly recommend for those who need consultation with injuries, osteoarthritis or any ortho related injury.
  • Very experienced and knowledgeable doctor. Helped me with PRP injection for torn cartilage without surgery and my mom with arthritis.

Dr Prof. Sharifah Roohi Syed Waseem Ahmad

Prince Court Medical Centre, Sunway Medical Centre and Pantai Hospital KL

prof sharifah hand microsurgery

As one of the few female Orthopaedic specialists in Malaysia Dr Prof. Sharifah specializes in hand and Microsurgery and has ample experience in trauma of the upper limb as well as congenital and paediatric anomalies. She is keen on focusing on Brachial Plexus Birth Palsies and all avenues at speeding up the healing process.

Professor (Full) – Department of Orthopedics Universiti Putra Malaysia | Publications

Procedures and treatment: Carpal tunnel, nailbed and fingertip injuries, Rheumatoid arthritis, Ganglion cysts, Nerve muscle bone & other tumours, Syndactyly, polydactyly, radial club hand and others.

Dr Sallehuddin Abdullah

Website | Hospital PUSRAWI Kuala Lumpur
Dr Sallehuddin is a Consultant Orthopedic & Certified Spine Surgeon with a Bachelor’s degree focused in Medicine from Manipal University

Review: My mother is 73 years old, she was admitted under his care for radiotherapy ablation therapy for her cervical spine and the procedure was done successfully. She is pain free now.

Dr Gan Eng Cheng

KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital (1-15) | +603-7718 1000 ext 1402

Dr Gan specializes in Joint Replacement Surgery, sports injuries, physical therapy and rehabilitation.


  • I did my 1st ever operation on my ankle under Dr Gan. My ankle ligament tear and bone chipped off resulting from a soccer game. He did a good job on my ankle, but due to the fact that his fees are real high, I went to another doc.
  • Although he did a good job on my left ankle , i dislocated my right ankle a year later, he suggested surgery, went for 2nd opinion and was told its not needed. That was 2001 when it happened. Today my right ankle is as good as nothing happened. As for my left ankle its all good until today as well. Rehab and Post-rehab is important after surgery.

Dr Tai Cheh Chin

Ara Damansara Medical Centre, Shah Alam, Selangor

Review: Did the MRI scan at KPJ and was told it was a torn acl, then went to see Dr Tai and he examine my knee and the mri result. Then he did the endoscopy for me instead of following the scan recommendation, coz he mentioned that my knee doesn’t exhibit the typical ACL injury. A huge relief for me as I avoided 6 months of recovery agony if I went with the ACL, instead, I was able to walk with crutches the next day after the surgery. It was a torn meniscus instead of ACL. RM15k, thankfully for the medical card. Makes me wonder how many doc had removed the ACL by blindly following the MRI scan. Dr Tai had done knee replacement surgery for my mum and several relatives b4 me. He come as a highly recommended doc. My mum chose him after several years of research for the right doc.

Dr Chan Kin Yuen

Gleneagles KL | +603-4141 3238 or 03-4257 6998

Review: I did it in 2008 and cost around 20k plus for ACL surgery. Not including physio. Been recommending him to all my family and friends! He’s highly intelligent, yet is able to explain your situation in layman’s terms. There was 1 time where I hurt my back really bad, and he gave me these stretching regimes to do. Now everytime I feel my back giving way, I do that as a precautionary measure and it works. There was another case where I had a tiny crack on my tailbone, he was sharp enough to notice it in the x-rays. As always, I appreciate doctors that aren’t pill pushers, and he’s one of them.

Dr Jasmeet Singh Saren

KMI Taman Desa Medical Centre, KL | +603-7982 6500

Dr Jasmeet is a Consultant Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon, Arthritis & Sport Injury Specialist

Dr. Samsudin Osman Cassim

Website | Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur
Dr Sam has over 18 years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of orthopaedic and sports injuries and in performing minimally invasive arthroscopic knee and shoulder surgery and shockwave therapy.

Dr. Thomas Vanniasingham

Gleneagles Hospital, Ampang, KL | 03 4141 3368 / 3369

Dr Amir Adham Ahmad

Website | Prince Court Medical Centre
Specialty: Hand and Reconstructive Microsurgery, WALANT Surgery

Dr Suresh George Nainan

SUNWAY Medical Centre, Sunway City, Selangor (C-1-31, 1st Floor, Tower C) | +603-7491 9191 (Ext. 21567)

Dr Suresh’s Specialties are Arthroplasty, Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery. 

Dr Chua Hwa Sen

Website | Sunway Medical Centre, Selangor | 03-7494 1042
Dr Chua is a Consultant Orthopaedic, Joint, and Arthroplasty Surgeon and Total Knee Replacement Malaysia Specialist

Dato’ Dr Lee Joon Kiong

Beacon Hospital, PJ, Selangor | Suite No. 15 OPD 1, Level 3 | +603 – 7620 7979/ +603 – 7787 2992 (Ext: 2919)

OSC Orthopaedic Specialist Centre, Damen USJ, Selangor

03-8084 3636 | enquiry@oscortho.my | Website
OSC is a private hospital in Malaysia dedicated exclusively to orthopaedic care with custom-designed operating theaters, 18 private en-suite bedrooms, fully equipped physiotherapy centre, and instant digital imaging technology.

Reviews: Hospital is very clean. Price is reasonable. With the treatment after the X-ray. I had a mild fracture, the price was around rm3++. Very pleased with the treatment and service.

Dr Mohamed Zubair Mohamed Al-Fayyadh

MS Ortho (UM), MBChB, F’ship in Upper Limb Surgery (Liverpool), Sports Injury (UM)
UM Specialist Centre (UMSC)
Specialties: Sports injury and Arthroscopic surgery, upper limb surgery, Spine Pain Intervention

Dr Cheok Chee Yew

Penang Adventist Hospital | +604-222 7758/ 7086

Review: He is a good and responsible doctor. He always try his very best to help the patient. Communication between doctor and patient is very important in order to bring out the best treatment for the patient.

Mr Chow Chong Chek

Island Hospital Penang | +604-238 3391

Qualifications: Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, MBBS (Malaya) | Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, FRCS (Glasgow)
Languages: English, Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Indonesia, Hokkien, Cantonese, Hakka
Reviews: Good doctor with professional observation ability

Dr. Zulkiflee B. Osman

Hospital Pulau Pinang | 04-2225127

Teo Orthopaedic Specialist Clinic (Dr Teo Pock Chin) – Johor

fb.com/teo.ortho.clinic | +60 11-3590 9552 | Clinical Practice: Maria Hospital, Johor Bahru
The clinic provides examination for problems related to bone, joint, muscle, ligament and nerve over the spine, upper and lower limbs with ultrasound guided injection services and daycare procedures.

Review: Dr. Teo explains in detail, diagnoses carefully, gives medication for the disease, and is very caring, most importantly, he has a lot of experience, worth recommending!

Raj Orthopaedic (Dr Amalourde Raj)

Hospital Fatimah, Ipoh, Perak | +6011-3614 7229 | rajorthopaedic15@gmail.com

Specialized in orthopaedic and sports related injuries, Dr Raj hopes to provide comprehensive care to those who suffer from recreational sports-related injuries, including young athletes (school-going) as well as elite and professional players with the aim to allow for an early return to their favourite sport.

Reviews: Dr Raj is indeed a good orthopaedic doctor whom I would definitely recommend to family and friends. He is gentle, humble, soft spoken and kind and he recommends the best treatment possible for his patients.

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