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How to Earn More by Monetising International Traffic on Amazon Affiliate

You can now earn more by using OneLink on Amazon Affiliate where visitors can click on the associate link and they are redirected to their local Amazon websites. The visitors can view the product descriptions in the language and currency of their preference and purchase the products with the shipping and benefits they can get according to locality.

Buyers would usually leave the page if it shows products in a foreign language or currency. OneLink can help you monetize your traffic globally by improving your affiliate link conversion and expanding internationally to other countries.

This is how you can do it

If you Choose Canada and EU5 Countries (United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, France & Italy)

  • You will be directed to a page that tells you your account is currently set up to operate the country/ countries that you have already integrated with.
  • Click “Get Started”.

  • Select the countries you would like to earn from
  • Press “Next”

For Japan, Singapore, Netherlands, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Poland, Sweden & Australia

You will need an Amazon Associates account in each country individually. Sign up using the links below.

After you have signed the account, go to “Account Settings” under your login ID at the top right of your Amazon Associates Page.

  • Choose “Link Store IDs”.

  • Click “+ Add store ID”
  • Enter the store ID of the account
  • Hit “Link Stores”

  • You can find your store ID at the top right hand side.

  • Return to the “Account Settings” page and select ‘Change Your OneLink Tracking ID Preferences’

  • For each store you have linked individually, you need to select a default tracking ID and click “Save changes”

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