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How To Resolve Issue with Adsense PIN verification for Payment Address – Did Not Receive

When your earnings reach the verification threshold which is about USD10, Google will mail a PIN to your payment address so that payment can be made to you. You have signed up for AdSense and placed the ads on your website which is generating earnings everyday but you have not received Personal Identification Number (PIN) for account verification, what should you do? This is a guide on how to contact Adsense to submit a proof of identity in order to confirm the validity of your postal address. 

You’ll have 4 months from the date your PIN is generated to enter it in your account. If you haven’t entered it after 4 months, Google will stop showing ads on your pages. What happened to me was I did not receive the PIN even after reaching the threshold and have requested for the PIN to be resent, waited but still no PIN. I am located in Malaysia, double checked the address in my Adsense account is correct but failed to get the PIN delivered. 

What you can do is to continue to request the PIN to be resent every 4 weeks. After 4 months you can submit a proof of identity to confirm the validity of your postal address using the PIN Troubleshooter. You can submit your ID card, bank statement, utility bill, etc. with your postal address on it.

Start AdSense PIN Troubleshooter

If you have requested four pins, you can start the AdSense PIN troubleshooter

First, Confirm your email address.

Answer NO to “Have you received your physical PIN?”

Click “contact form”

It will inform you that you have already requested four PINS and their specialist team will be able to help you further with the PIN verification. Click on ‘contact form’ to contact them directly.

contact adsense verify

How to Look for your AdSense Publisher ID

Next fill this form up, enter your Name, Email address and AdSense Publisher ID. To get your Publisher ID, select Account on the left, the Publisher ID is under Account Information.

Submit Proof of Identity

Submit a proof of identity in order to confirm the validity of your postal address. You can upload your ID card/ IC if the address on it is the same as the address registered in your account. Otherwise you can use your internet, phone, water, electricity bill, etc. which is under your name.

I uploaded the latest invoice for Unifi which is a broadband internet service provider in the Malaysia. It worked!

how to resolve problem adsense address pin verification for payment

Address Verification Confirmed

I received this email within a few hours, stating that the proof of identity fulfills the address verification requirement and that payment has been made to my account!

Set up Payment Info

Make sure that you have set up “How you get paid” under Payments Info.

Payment Transferred to Your Bank Account

Voila! They payment will be automatically transferred into your account

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