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How to Renew Malaysian Passport Online 2023

Starting 11 May 2022, Malaysians can only renew their passports online. Exceptions are new applicants, senior citizens, people with disabilities, children under 13 years old, students and haj applicants, or those who encounter issues with online application such as their fingerprints in the system is either damaged/ missing, they could go directly to the issuing offices counter.

However many have raised the issue of uploading their passport photo online. Here are a few solutions that worked for some which you can refer to: How to Resolve Photo Upload Issues 


How to Renew Passport Online

  • Read the Terms and Conditions and Click “Setuju” (Agree)

Fill in the details

      • Is the applicant 18 years old and above or below
      • Current passport No and Type
      • IC No and Category
      • Passport Collection Office: Select IN THE COUNTRY or OVERSEAS. Choose a Location.
      • Guardian’s IC No (for applicants below 18 years old)
      • Click “Carian” (“Search” for your current passport record in the database)

website renew passport malaysia details

How to Resize Photo for Malaysian Passport

  • Read the Warnings and Photo Specifications and Instructions. Press “Setuju” (Agree)
  • Press ‘Muat Naik Gambar’ to select passport photo

upload photo renew passport online malaysia

  • Select the file to be uploaded
  • Adjust the placement of photo, the head has to be inside the oval shaped frame. To move the photo, click on it, continue to hold on, then drag it. To adjust the height and width, use the resize scroll bar on the right and bottom of the picture. You may need a few tries before it succeeds.
  • Press ‘Hantar’ to upload the photo

  • Check “SAYA MENGAKU GAMBAR YANG DIMUAT NAIK ADALAH GAMBAR SAYA*” (I acknowledge the picture uploaded is my picture)
  • Check the requirements checklist boxes and ‘TERUSKAN’ 

(white background, not polaroid, looking right at the camera, eyes open and mouth closed, hair not blocking face, dark clothes covering shoulders and chest, forehead not fully covered, no glasses, colored lenses and head accessories, ears can be seen, no flash light glare on forehead). 

Entry Requirements to Malaysia

  • Check or amend the application details
  • Verify that all information is accurate

passport check details

Transport Options from KLIA

On this page you can :

  • Change the new passport collection location
  • Upload all the documents required for applicant below 18 years old
  • Press BAYAR (Pay)

These documents are required for applicant who is under 18 years of age (if applicable):

*Salinan muka utama PMA terkini – PMA stands for Passport Malaysia Antarabangsa, what is required is a copy of the main page of the child’s International Malaysian Passport.

under 18 years old

  • Proceed with payment


Travel Essentials

  • You will receive an email stating that your new passport is ready for collection within 3 working days.

Not Able to Renew Passport Online

  • If your current passport is lost or damaged, you are not eligible to renew your passport online.
  • Payment transactions cannot be made from 10:55 pm – 12:30 am due to system maintenance.

Visit: imigresen-online.imi.gov.my

  • To Upload your photo again if your photo has been rejected, select “Muat Naik Gambar – Photo Re-upload”
  • To check your application status, Select “Pertanyaan Status Permohonan – Inquiry of the application status” 

passport renew status malaysia

  • Bring your current passport, IC, and payment receipt to the collection office counter to collect your new passport.
  • Some applicants have mentioned that they did not receive any email, however they just walked in to the counter and their passports are ready.

Before Application

Passport Photo

  • Get the passport photo taken at a professional photo shop and request for a softcopy (100kb and above). Passport photo specifications:
      • Background MUST be white with no shadows. 
      • Dark coloured clothes that cover the shoulders and chest. Do not wear glasses, colored contact lenses and accessories on the head.

sample_pic passport

Passport photo size and placement specifications


  • Payment can be made using a credit/ Online banking (FPX). The payment rates are as follows (for 5 years):

    i. Ordinary Application 13 – 59 years old: RM200

    ii. Senior Citizens (60 years and above): RM100

  • If the application is found with the message ‘Sila Rujuk Pejabat Imigresen’ (‘Please Refer to the Immigration Office’), it means that your application cannot be processed online due to:-

2.1 Your stored fingerprints have been damaged/missing and need to be retrieved so that there will be no problems later during the use of fingerprints at the entrance/exit.

2.2 You do not meet the conditions as notified in the ‘MyOnline*Passport’ website.

2.3 The information entered is inaccurate/conflicting the system.

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