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How to Check Where You are Voting At

This is how you can check where should you go to vote at, for the coming election, General Election 15. 

  • Visit: mysprsemak.spr.gov.my
  • Enter your IC or other identification number
  • Complete CAPTCHA verification and Click “Semak”

  • You will be brought to a page with your personal details and your voting location/ details

You can see where your voting centre is, the channel number, and recommended voting time. Your voter registration number was used to determine the suggested timing. If you arrive earlier or later than advised, you could have to wait longer in line. But if are unable to go to the polling station at the suggested time, it is ok to choose other time which is convenient for you.

Verified Voter Registration information: Locality, Voting district, DUN – State Legislative Assembly (Dewan Undangan Negeri), Parliament, State



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