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How to Breeze Through Airport Check

Pack your carry-on luggage as light as possible. Place important documents such as passport, printed copy of Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate, Test Report, Insurance, ticket/ boarding pass, etc., as well as bigger electronic items in easily accessible compartments.

luggage bin metal airport jewelry watch laptop security

  • Big electronics such as laptop, tablet, camera, handheld game console need to be removed from the carry-on bag and put in separate bins during security check as they can obstruct x-ray screening. Some countries require you to remove your shoes too.
  • Keep any smaller electronics like phones, power banks, iPods or metal objects in your bag instead of your pockets.
  • You can wear smaller valuables and jewelry.  

Metal on you will set off the metal detector. 

business traveller efficient

Solo, seasoned travellers or individuals on business trips are more efficient and swift. Families with infants usually take longer time to pass through security checks. You know who to trail after if given a choice. 

walk confidently breeze through airport

Walk confidently like you know what you’re doing. Reduce unnecessary eye contact, but act naturally, the last thing you want is to look like you have something to hide. Suspicious behavior can get you stopped at the airport. 

If you encounter problem, explain your situation and figure it out calmly with the officer. Sometimes the staff are not briefed on the latest SOPs, especially with the frequent change of protocol. 

Look out for signs for which lane you should queue at Immigration; Residents, Foreigners, or other special lanes. You don’t want to spend one hour lining up only to find out that you’re in the wrong queue. Collect your baggage and head towards the exit if you have nothing to declare.

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