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How To Book Your Quarantine Hotel on myeg MySafeTravel

Visit safetravel.myeg.com.my to Register if you have not done so.

(Kindly show the payment receipt to the duty officer in KL International Airport (KLIA) as proof of payment and they will scan the QR code to verify your payment)

Select Registration Method. A confirmation email or sms will be sent for you to verify that your email/ phone number is valid.

registration safetravel malaysia

To Start Booking, Select the Mode of Transportation, Entry Point, How Many Pax, Date of Arrival -> Next

select flight date

Accept the Terms and Conditions

accept terms

Enter Guests Details. Flight/ Transportation details are optional.

enter details book hotel test

Select Country of Embarkation, Vaccination Status which will determine the Quarantine Period.

vaccination details

Upload the Vaccination Certificate if vaccinated.

upload cert vaccination

If you aren’t Malaysian, make sure you have the proper document (example: MyTravelPass-MTP/ MyEntry) to enter Malaysia, otherwise there will be an error.

mytravelpass not found

Hit “Submit”. You will be presented with two options: Standard Package and Luxury Hotel. The previous Standard Package at RM150 per pax Option is not available anymore. 

standard and premium

Select the Standard Package. You will see a list of hotels available on the date that you have selected. Price starts from RM175 and there are others which are more expensive. Choose the one you prefer -> Click “Book Now”.

For example KIP Hotel, Primary Guest: RM175 and Dependent Guest is at RM63. You have to pay for the airport transfer as well; Standard Private Transport or Shuttle Bus. I think it is better to get the Private Transport as the Shuttle Bus Service is not very frequent (refer to the schedule below).

kip hotel price standard hotel

Shuttle Bus Service Schedule

Transport Persons in Quarantine to the Quarantine Hotel/ Centre.

klia shuttle bus service quarantine centre hotel myeg

Max 3 Pax in a room – maximum of 2 adults. Children under 6 years old stay free. 

kip kid dependent

The 2nd PCR Test will automatically be added. 

screen covid19 test charges

Any inquiries you can reach MyEG at:

Phone: +603 7664 8838
Email: safetravel@myeg.com.my

More info: safetravel FAQ

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