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ezHASIL e-Filing Login Account Pin Number/ Digital Certificate Application for Organization

Taxpayers may apply the pin no. for first time user through

  • Customer Feedback Form available at IRBM’s Official Portal at Application -> Click “e-Filing PIN Number Application” on the left sidebar. 
  • Walk in to any nearest LHDNM Branch.

For all corporate taxpayers, the Digital Certificates (for electronic authentication) for Organisations will only be provided to authorised individuals under Subsection 75(1)(a) of the Income Tax Act 1967. Each corporate taxpayer is also required to appoint one individual that will be given the authority to keep and be in charge of the organisation’s digital certificate.

The documents required for this application are:

  • The Identification Card (IC) or Passport of the applicant;
  • The e-Filing PIN Number Application Form for Organisations (Form CP55B), which can be obtained online DownloadCP55B or at all IRBM counters
  • A copy of Form 49

* NOTE: If Form CP55B was signed by an individual other than the company’s director, please attach the company’s letter of appointment, a copy of the company director’s IC and a copy of the applicant’s IC, together with Form CP55B and a copy of Form 49.

Kindly refer to SupportingDocuments for the documents needed according to the organisation type and instructions on how to login for the first time.

Login for the First Time

login first time company llp e-filing pin number

Photo: ez.hasil.gov.my

You will be provided with the Pin OeF to login for the first time.

  • Fill in your company’s information and the login password (for the company/ partnership which is different from your individual login)
  • Submit and the digital certificate is created.
  • Login using the password for company.
  • Choose the e-Filing Options: e-Form for Tax Filing, e-Anggaran (e-CP204) for Tax Estimate, Acknowledgement Receipt, etc.

Online Return Forms – for filing tax online

Company (Private or Public Limited)
e-C (Company)

Non-Company & Non-Individual
e-C1 (Koperasi)
e-PT (Limited Liability Partnership)

e-P (Partnership)

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