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MySejahtera Vaccine Digital Certificate – How to’s, Print PDF/ QR Code, Issues, Missing

How To Download Vaccine Certificate PDF/ QR Code for Vaccination done in Malaysia

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For those of you who intends to go overseas and need the proof of vaccination in the form of a print-out, kindly do these steps:

  • Go to MySejahtera 
  • Tap on the ‘Profile’ button at the bottom of the screen 
  • Scroll down to the Digital Vaccination Cert 
  • Hit the “PDF Generate” button. You can then download the PDF file with the Digital Certificate with QR Code for printing
  • Share the downloaded file to the printer (if connected) or a computer connected to a printer to print out the Vaccine Certificate

*The MySejahtera Digital Certificate can be used in Malaysia but is not recognized internationally, you should use the Vaccine certificate with the QR Code to travel abroad.

print pdf qr code vaccine certificate digital travel oversea

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Resolve Issues with MySejahtera Vaccine Certificate

A. “Access Denied” or “Permission was denied” Error, Failed to Download Vaccine Certificate in MySejahtera

In the phone Setting -> App -> MySejahtera App -> Turn ON Permission for Media/File/ Storage (Android only)

B. Digital vaccination certificate missing from MySejahtera app

Missing Cert can be due to a few reasons:
  • If you have not confirmed your identity card number, you have to verify your name and IC card number in the “COVID-19 Vaccination” section and complete questions related to personal information. Make sure that you have the Verified badge.
  • Vaccine recipient’s status as a dependent, caused the individual’s digital certificate MySejahtera to be linked to the account’s owner. The account owner would need to remove the dependent to enable the dependent to register his or her own MySejahtera account (How to Register a new MySejahtera Account)
  • If you have more than one MySejahtera account, the digital certificate will only be displayed on the MySejahtera account that is being used when receiving vaccination at the PPV (vaccination centre).

  • If you have checked the above, and the cert is still missing
  1. Select “Covid-19” from the menu at the bottom of MySejahtera
  2. Click on “Help” on the top right corner of “COVID-19 Vaccination Status” Card
  3. Then select the Option “4. I am unable to see my digital vaccination certificate in my Profile page”

help option vaccination status card

  • You can also go to the PPV (Vaccination Centre) where you received the vaccination, and request them to assist you in updating the Certificate. 

C. Incomplete Vaccination Certificate PDF or QR Code

Error “UNABLE TO CONNECT TO SERVER” Trying to Access the Vaccination Page

  • Clear App data/ cache or Offload App then Logout and Log back in to MySejahtera

Android: Go to Setting -> App Manager -> Select MySejahtera App -> Storage and Cache -> Clear Data and Cache 

iPhone: Got to Setting -> General -> iPhone Storage -> Select MySejahtera App -> Offload App -> Reinstall App (in the same screen)

missing cert clear cache silil hilang incomplete

  • In MySejahtera App -> Settings-> My Personal Details -> Change the Birth Year -> Save -> Change Birth Year to the correct year -> Save.
  • Try generate the cert again.

To overcome any difficulties due to the non-display of digital certificates on their MySejahtera application, individuals who had been fully vaccinated could use the vaccination physical card, which is a printed card filled in by a health worker when they get vaccinated at the PPV, to enjoy the facilities provided to fully vaccinated individuals.

Error “Unable to connect to VMS Blockchain system, please try again after some time” when trying to Download PDF / QR Code of Digital Certificate for vaccination done overseas.

Please be informed that MySJ application will only show the PDF or QR Code on the Digital certificate for locally taken vaccinations.
You can refer to your own Vaccine card or certificate from the country that you took the vaccine.

For example if you are vaccinated in the UK, you can get the NHS COVID Pass, here’s how to do it.

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