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Covid-19 Timeline Malaysia

This is a look back at how COVID-19 began, major events that took place, how the pandemic progressed and affected everyone’s life in Malaysia and around the world. Year 2020 ended with the first doses of vaccine being administered, a hope for all to return to normality.

31 Dec 2019 – Chinese officials investigate cause of pneumonia outbreak in Wuhan

Dec 2019 – Cases first identified in Wuhan

10 Jan 2020 – China Reports First Death from New Virus

24 Jan 2020 – Video

25 Jan 2020 – Health Ministry confirms 3 cases of coronavirus infection in Malaysia

25 Jan: Health Minister Datuk Dzulkefly confirmed 3 Chinese nationals in Malaysia tested positive (malaymail)

4 Jan 2020 – Confirmed Wuhan coronavirus cases top 20,000 as China marks deadliest day

2 Feb: Coronavirus won’t turn you into a zombie, Malaysia says

4 Feb: 

Confirmed Wuhan coronavirus cases top 20,000 as China marks deadliest day

5 Feb: Malaysia confirms first citizen with coronavirus: Man was in S’pore for meeting with China colleagues last month

7 Feb: 

Li Wenliang: Coronavirus kills Chinese whistleblower doctor

23 Feb – Azmin arrives at Sheraton Hotel, first sighting since rumoured new coalition

Rumour of new political coalition involving a faction led by Azmin (malaymail)

28 Feb 2020: 
As M’sians distracted by ‘Sheraton Move’, Covid-19 worsens worldwide

16 Mar: 14-day Movement Control Order begins nationwide on Wednesday

18 Mar: Malaysia records first Covid-related deaths (thestar)

nytimes gargle warm water fake news

you cannot flush out virus from your airway

22 Mar: 
Health minister gets roasted for misinformation over warm water tip

Drinking warm water won’t prevent Covid-19, says Malaysian Medical Association

23 Mar 2020: 
Fearing coronavirus, man from Arizona, USA dies after taking a form of chloroquine used to treat aquariums. In Nigeria, health officials issued a warning about chloroquine, saying three people in the country have overdosed on the drug after Trump endorsed it as a potential treatment.(CNN)

23 mar 2020:

Doctors, nurses turn to plastic bags, cling wrap amid shortage of PPE in Malaysia’s Covid-19 battle

27 mar 2020: 
Malaysia detects five generations of Covid-19 cases linked to mosque cluster

27 Mar 2020: U.S. Coronavirus Cases Surpass Those of China, Italy

28 Mar 2020: RM250 billion Stimulus Package (NST)

Mar 2020:

30 mar 2020: Italy’s coronavirus death toll passes 10,000. Many are asking why the fatality rate is so high

28 Apr 2020: How did coronavirus start and where did it come from? Was it really Wuhan’s animal market?

22 Mar 2020: thestar toilet paper clash – australia

31 mar 2020 lockdown in india

6 Apr 2020: Bro, don’t like that la, bro

7 Apr 2020: 170 new cases, total of 3,963 Covid-19 cases, 92 patients in ICU (Harian Metro) – Video

1 May 2020:

Procter & Gamble (P&G) has donated over RM1 million in cash and products to selected Health Ministry hospitals and relief organisations for the B40 community.

Donations to Ministry of Health: Geely Group (DRB-Hicom) donated RM5.5mil (medical equipment). The Bank of China RM300K. Procter & Gamble (P&G) donated RM1M cash and products.

17 jul 2020: Dr Noor Hisham Receives Outstanding Brand Leadership Award

14 Aug:

Malaysia’s economy shrinks 17.1pct on Covid-19 impact

Affected Tourism Industry, small-sized firms and Retail

9 sep 2020

Place Covid-19 cluster areas under EMCO

24 sep 2020: women leaders

6 things we can learn from how women leaders have handled the pandemic

29 sep 2020

Malaysian Parents Singapore Reunite Children After 6-months Lockdown

10 oct 2020 

Apart from his family since March, Malaysian man settles for seeing them across Johor Strait

25 oct 2020 – Dr hisham named one of heroic trio

15 jan 2021

UK shuts travel corridors and requires negative Covid tests to enter

21 Feb 2021 – first batch of vaccines arrived. 312,390 doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine

1 apr 2021 – what’s next in the search for COVID’s origins – test fish who in china market

23 apr 2021 – oxygen crisis india

apr 21

India’s round-the-clock cremations show staggering COVID death toll

delta variant The Indian variant, known as B.1.617, appears to be wreaking havoc in the country.

25 Apr 2021

Why does India have so many COVID cases?

19 may 21

‘Khush Rahiye’: Boy’s Message on Meal Boxes Prepared by His Mother for COVID Patients Wins Hearts

26 may 21

Tackling the problem of burnout

30 may 21

Minister announces five new mega PPVs in KL, Selangor to ramp up vaccination numbers

7 jul 2021

Malaysia’s healthcare system at high risk of paralysis, Dr Noor Hisham warns as Covid-19 cases exceed hospital capacity in KL, Selangor, Negri Sembilan and Labuan

8 jul

Health minister says rolling out new Covid-19 strategy for Klang Valley as cases remain high

15 jul 21  – happy bank

E-commerce drives humanitarian aid #benderaputih movement

25 jul 21

Opposition MPs, activists lodge report against Adham for Covid-19 failure

aug 2021

food bank white flag

Aug Ismail Sabri Prime Minister and  KJ became health minister

12 sep 2021

Malaysia records 592 deaths due to Covid

21 sep 2021

80% of adults fully vaccinated against Covid-19 in Malaysia; focus turns to teens, booster shots

28 sep 2021

Highly-vaccinated, but more cases than ever: Singapore shows the world what ‘endemic’ COVID might look like

5 oct 21

Reported Covid-19 deaths in Malaysia down to 76 on Oct 4, lowest since July 4

21 oct 2021

Khairy: Severe Covid-19 cases down nationally, but rose in some states after interstate travel allowed

73.4% and 94% of adult population fully vaccinated

22 feb 2022

Omicron’s spread is still racing to its peak in South Korea 

feb 2022: hong kong madhouse penny bay quarantine suicide

15 mar

Umno-led BN wins two-thirds majority in Johor polls

mar 2022 new evidence.

nytimes covid eddie holmes start 

time.com (24 Aug 2020):

Exclusive: The Chinese Scientist Who Sequenced the First COVID-19 Genome Speaks Out About the Controversies Surrounding His Work

18 Mar 2022

hong kong low vaccination rate elderly

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